About us



Our responsibility obliges us to do our best to help you be successful. Of course we have all the experience, traditions, energy, imagination and enthusiasm, but we understand this is not enough. Excellent qualification is also required. It is exactly the reason our company creative and administrative departments employ excellent experts in various fields. Contacting us with a specific goal, be assured we will set up the most appropriate team of professionals, capable of providing the deliverables required.



Professional experience:


19 years of extensive professional experience in the conditions of the dynamically changing Bulgarian market, with Bulgarian and European clients.


Additional skills:


· Computer skills save for the mouse, we are

also good with the pencil

· we offer: curiosity

· energy and flexibility

· strategic thinking

· curiosity

· imagination

· we are: careful and correct




We know only a single language the universal advertising language and its Bulgarian dialect.



· We can express ideas: IN AN ORIGINAL WAY so you will be remembered

· IN STYLE for the connoisseurs of aesthetics

· COMPREHENSIBLE- to your clients

· IN A CONVINCING MANNER in order to achieve our mutual goals – your good image and increase of sales

· EXPRESSIVELY so that you will be adored


Mission Statement:

We all love our work in BULSA
To break your client stereotypes
To make everyone aware of you
To make everyone remember your product or brand
To make everyone love you
To make everyone stay true and loyal
To talk to you in associations, colors, music, forms...

We are proud to announce:

DME AwardOn May 8th, 2008, BULSA Advertising was chosen as partner and official representative for Bulgaria, Greece and Romania of Design Management Europe the European organization for design management. The nomination of the participants for the DME Awards 2008 for a second consecutive year is forthcoming.

On March 23rd, 2007, at a conference of the Advertising Agencies Association (AAA), BULSA Advertising was admitted as a full member. BULSA is among the 27 biggest advertising agencies in Bulgaria.


Davey AwardOn December 22nd, 2005, at the Competition for Small Advertising Agencies, 2005, BULSA Advertising won an award of the American Academy of the Visual Arts "Davey" for the advertisement spot of the Victoria AD insurance company.




Реклама ЕкспоOn December 1st, 2003, at the Advertising Expo exhibition, BULSA Advertising won an award for creative and visual advertising (Schenker Bulgaria).



Реклама ЕкспоOn December 10th, 2002, at the Advertising Expo exhibition, BULSA Advertising won an award for Company Style (Corporate Commercial Bank AD).












BULSA Advertising received an honorary diploma on 11. 02.2012 for participation and contribution to the charity campaign for disadvantaged children "Healthy and Smiling."